Learn about color printer ink

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Learn about color printer ink

How to color images from 3 basic ink colors:

Because the image is made up of ink droplets, people try to make the ink droplets as small as possible so that the prints are sharp. Today the minimum ink drops are 1.5 picoliters (eg Epson R800). The smaller the ink drop, the easier it is to stay close to each other on the surface of the paper, the more clarity and color change.

Nhóm màu mực in CMYK

CMYK color ink group

Most of you are wondering is usually the printer ink cartridge contains only 3 to 6 color ink, but why when printing the image we see there are thousands of colors available. From the three primary colors, depending on the lightness they blend together to create different colors when viewed from afar. There are three colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, called CMY, which are mixed into different colors. There is usually a black ink tank attached to the ink tank. HP only uses black ink to print text, when printed in black, HP mixed three CMY colors together to create black. Epson printer is different, when printing pictures it always uses black ink should call it CMYK color. In some people's opinion, the black in the Epson prints was blacker than the black from the HP.

Colored inks

There are two different groups of ink, the first one is the ink that is mixed with water soluble colors. This type of ink has the disadvantage of being smelly when exposed to water or moisture. In addition, prints from soluble inks are easy to fade when exposed to light, especially ultraviolet (UV) light for several weeks, as well as when oxidising agents such as ozone are present. The second group of insolubles, which are insoluble in water, consist of very small particles suspended in water. This type when the water is not much lem, and very durable color. However, these insoluble inks are blended only for a limited range of colors and the prints are not as vibrant as soluble inks. This weakness has now been overcome.

A few years ago digital photo enthusiasts rushed to buy the Epson 870 oil as the prints from this printer were excellent. This is the starting point for the development of photo capture services: photo cards, travel photos, photo stickers. It was later shown that the prints from this group printer were turned orange after a display period. The reason is that Epson ink in the presence of ozone in the air color changes. This Epson must research for the next generation of insoluble inert fluids in durable water and said that the photo printing durability is 150 years. The HP Photosmart 7960 is 73 years old, the Canon I9100 says it lasts 25-30 years, and the Epson 2200 uses 90-year archival ink.

Máy in ảnh Epson 870

Epson Photo Printer 870

If you use the magnifying glass to look at the photo prints from the Epson Stylus Photo or Canon 6-color ink, the ink dots are closer together than the prints from the HP9xx, or Photosmart 1xxx (3-color ink). However, few people view photos by magnifying glass. It is said that the prints from Epson are more beautiful, but just a little more than enough to offset the price of ink and paper used exclusively for Epson too expensive.

Currently, some photo printers use up to 6 or even 8 ink cartridges (like the Canon i9900), in addition to the four colors listed above, there are four more similarly tinted colors but with a slightly different color with four colors available. At first, people rated the photo when printing in a six-color ink printer that was not as fresh as a three-color printer. Later defects have been overcome.


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